10 Basic Safety Tips to Follow at Home

Published: 03rd September 2009
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Workplace safety is very important. In order to be certain that employers look out for the safety of their employees, entire bureaucracies have been established on the federal and state levels. It is a shame that when the employee leaves work and goes home, safety concerns are over. Keep your family safe at home by encouraging them to use the 10 safety tips offered in this article.

1. Every family should have an evacuation plan in case of fire. Decide on an escape route and practice it, from various rooms of the home, often to ensure everyone knows how to get out of the house in an emergency. Choose a place outdoors where the family will meet up once safely outside.

2. Fire extinguishers should be located strategically throughout the house and all adults and older children should know how to operate them. It is a bad time to read the directions when the stove is burning. A few times per year, check the extinguishers to make sure that they are charged and ready for use.

3. Install smoke detectors and remember to change their batteries two times a year. To help you remember, change the batteries when we set the clocks back or ahead. Never, ever, take out the batteries to use them in a different device.

Many homeowners try to take care of home repairs on their own, and the same safety rules that apply at work, also apply at home.

4. Always use protective goggles or eyeglasses whenever you are cutting wood or sanding, or if you are doing anything that may cause debris to fly through the air. According to experts, 90 percent of all eye injuries can be avoided with protective eyewear. It is possible to purchase protective eyewear that includes built-in magnification so that eyestrain can be avoided, and one does not have to wear eyeglasses beneath the goggles.

5. Anytime you use noisy machinery like a leaf blower, shop-vac, or compressor at home, make sure to use earplugs or noise blocking ear muffs to protect your hearing.

6. When you are mowing the lawn you need to wear sturdy shoes and long pants.

There are safety rules to follow in the home office as well.

7. Stay at least 20 inches away from your computer monitor. Adjust the brightness to prevent eyestrain and glare.

8. Purchase an adjustable chair that has good back support and be sure to keep the height at the correct level -- the arms should be parallel to the thighs as you type. Keeping arms and wrists properly aligned will help prevent repetitive stress injuries.

9. Keep your mouse accessible, it should be at the same level as your keyboard. You can hurt your shoulder by constantly lifting your arm to reach a mouse.

10. Never stand on a chair when reaching for items high up on shelving; stepladders are a much safer choice.

So that your family and you remain healthy and safe in your house, practice these easy tips.

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Lloyde Burstner has worked in construction for many years and knows the importance of having good industrial safety equipment for his team. Lloyde recommends the large selection of quality products at Caloly to anyone whose profession requires the use of safety clothes and gear.

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